About this service

What can I do with this online tool?

You can convert images from the RGB to the CMYK colorspace. The RGB scheme is used mainly for computer displays, while the CMYK model is used for printed color hard copies.
If you want to have something printed professionally, like postcard, brochure, a flyer or business card, your printer will sometime request your files be submitted in CMYK mode.

What are these profiles and which should I use?

CMYK profiles describe how a color should be printed. Profiles are device dependent, each profile describes a specific press and paper type. That means that there is no "generic" CMYK profile that will suit all press conditions. You need to discuss with your print provider which profile is most appropriate.

However, if you can't get any informations about the required CMYK profile you can assume that it should be US Web Coated (SWOP) v2 for the US. In Europe ISO Coated v2 300% ECI is the most commonly used profile.

When I convert RGB TO CMYK the whole color changes?

Some RGB colors that you can see on your monitor (in particular, blue, green and all bright vibrant colors) cannot be printed and/or replicated with standard CMYK inks.

Can I also convert CMYK to RGB?

No, not with this service. But our sister website www.cmyk2rgb.com allows you to convert images from the CMYK colorspace to RGB.